This week, you’ll learn how to use a journal to boost mindfulness. You’ll also learn why journaling can be a powerful tool to use during mindfulness activities.

This Video

  • About this Mindfulness Video
  • Review of Last Week’s Mindfulness Activity
  • What Being Mindful Is All About
  • Being Mindful Allows You To Be YOU.
  • Why You Should Journal Your Mindfulness Activities
  • Picking a Journaling System That Works With You
  • How to start journaling your activities & observations.
  • This Week’s Mindfulness Activity
  • Video Recap
  • How you can support the channel

This week’s mindfulness exercise:

So, let’s repeat last week’s exercise with a twist!

  1. Once again, pretend that you are an alien from an advanced civilization, and you are on a mission to observe the planet earth and the life on it.
  2. Click This Link:
  3. Observe the video as it is your first time watching humanity.
  4. Remember to remain neutral, you are just observing….if you find yourself judging, forming an opinion, observe and make note of that opinion, let it go and continue to just observe the present moment.
  5. Then journal your observations, journal any emotions you may have felt, and thoughts or memories that may have come up.