Body Slimming Positive Affirmations!

Get the body you want by changing the way you think! Begin to shift your mindset and start to reshape your body, lose weight, and achieve the thin, slim, and healthy figure you want!

Why Positive Affirmations?

Repeating positive affirmations can help you reshape your body.  That’s because positive affirmations shift your frame of mind into manifesting your dreams and achieving your goals.

Over time positive affirmations work by overwriting limiting thoughts, replacing them with positive beliefs and ideas.  As a result, you begin to manifest change and transformation over time.

 Body slimming positive affirmations included:

  • I release excess weight quickly and easily.
  • I deserve to be slim, healthy and happy.
  • I am at the ideal weight for me.
  • My clothes look great on me.
  • Every time I move and exercise, my body dissolves excess fat.
  • I notice my body fitting into smaller clothes.
  • I love my reflection in the mirror.
  • I love how my body looks.
  • My body is more and more attractive every day.
  • I am thin.
  • I am slim.
  • I have a great body
  • I love myself.
  • I feel great
  • I let go of excess body weight easily
  • I choose to eat what is good for my mind, body, and soul.
  • I feel lighter, slimmer, and healthier.
  • I look great
  • I love my body.
  • I love and accept myself and my body.
  • I let go of excess body weight with ease.

Change your thoughts and change your body!  Think positively to stay motivated and focused on healthy lifestyle habits, making it a lot easier to reach your body shaping goals!