Brainwave Entrainment for Study And Focus.

This 6-hour binaural beat session is ideal for studying, homework, assignments, and other activities that require a cognitive boost.

In this session, ALPHA, BETA, and GAMMA binaural beats are embedded with pink noise and a soothing nature soundscape.  This special combination of tones and sounds make it easier for you to tune out distractions and concentrate.

How This Session Works

This session is divided up into three 2 hour cycles of ALPHA, BETA, and GAMMA binaural beats.  Each 2-hour cycle begins with about 30 minutes of ALPHA Entrainment. Then the session ramps up from ALPHA frequencies to BETA frequencies. Finally, the session ramps all the way up to GAMMA and then stays there for over an hour.

I’ve scheduled breaks between each 2-hour session to remind you to take a breather.


  • Ideal for passive learning.
  • Great for centering and stimulating the mind.

BETA WAVES (14 – 24 Hz)

  • Ideal for mental calculations.
  • Boost focus and concentration.
  • Creates feelings of euphoria.


  • High cognitive function.
  • High-level information processing.
  • Improved problem-solving abilities.
  • High focus and concentration.

Listening Instructions

Listen to this session when you want to pay attention, focus, and concentrate during study sessions.

  1. Use Headphones.
  2. Keep the volume low.
  3. Take breaks as needed.