This fun self-hypnosis video will stop your cravings for potato chips and replace it instead with an intense desire to drink more water. Instead of craving and snacking on potato chips, you’ll find yourself wanting drinking water.

Why drink more water?

Water is very good for you. It’s hydrating, is good for your skin, aids in digestion and is, is great for weight loss, and more!

Quick instructions:

Just follow along with the video. It’s ok if you don’t get it 100% the first time, your subconscious is very powerful,

And even if you don’t understand how or why this all works your subconscious does! By the end of this video, you will be completely amazed by how well this works!

Your mind is very powerful, and your mind can do amazing things and create this amazing transformation for you. You can easily erase take away a ‘bad’ craving and replace it with something that’s better and more nourishing for you.

Want more of these? Let me know what craving/habit you want to get rid of….and what better craving/habit you want to replace it with.