Super High Focus

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Super High Focus

Boost Your Focus & Concentration With GAMMA Entrainment

Is your attention wandering? Can't seem to stay focused? 

You know how hard it can be to stay focused and alert when doing work, homework, or tasks.  You have deadlines to meet, and work to finish, assignments to complete, but your mind keeps wandering and you find yourself daydreaming.

Increase Focus and Concentration

Super High Focus uses GAMMA binaural brainwaves [33 - 44 Hz] to help boost your mental process speeds, improving your focus and concentration:

  • Boost your focus and concentration
  • Keep your mind from wandering/daydreaming
  • Stay alert and get your tasks completed

Listening Instructions

Listen to this session when

    • Working on any tasks that requires focus and concentration
    • When you need a mental boost
    • When you needing to work long hours
    • Studying, writing, number-crunching, and problem solving

    Note: *Headphones are required*