Slim Down Your Tummy (Daytime)

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Slim Tummy And Waist

Imagine a Slimmer Tummy & Waist With Guided Imagery!

Want a slim tummy and waist? Want to look and feel better about yourself and your body?

We all want a better body.  Wouldn't it be great to slim down your torso and enjoy an hourglass figure?  Imagine how wonderful it would feel to fit into new clothes, even your old pair of jeans.

Exercise and healthy eating are vital to weight loss and keeping a healthy waistline. But did you know that a positive mental outlook can bring success to your weight loss and fitness goals as well? 

Reimagine your Tummy and Waistline While You Sleep!

Slim Down Your Tummy is a guided imagery visualization and self-hypnosis session that lets you use the power of your mind to trim and tone your waistline. Go deep into your mind and reprogram the mind to let go of excess body fat and reshape, tone, and tighten your tummy and waist!

  • Feel better about yourself and your body
  • Imagine a slimmer waist and firmer tummy
  • Shift your mindset to reshape and redefine your tummy and waist
  • Boost self-love and body confidence


This is a daytime hypnosis session. Listen to this session anytime during the day and the suggestions at the end of the recording will bring you back up to full waking consciousness.

Sit back, relax, and reprogram your deep mind to let go of excess fat around your stomach. Combine this self-hypnosis session with healthy eating and consistent exercise, lose belly fat, and feel great about yourself and your body!