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Stop Procrastination

Stop Putting Things Off And Get Your Work Done!

Do you procrastinate too much? It’s now time to take action, be proactive, and get it all done!  

Procrastination puts even the simplest task out of reach. Even though you know you have to do your work to do, you put it off for the future, and it stays in the future until the last minute.

When you put your work and/or obligations off for the future, you are putting your work out of reach. That’s because there is no past or future…there is only now. 

Put An End To Procrastination While You Sleep!

Do It Now is a nighttime guided imagery meditation designed to put an end to procrastination.  Shift your mindset from the future tense to the present tense (it, to the here and now). Instead of saying, ‘I’ll do it later’ all of the sudden you’ll start hearing yourself say, ‘It’s done!’

Create a shift in your mind, and a shift in time and bring into the present what you keep putting off for later, so that you finally get all of your tasks done, once and for all!

  • Stop procrastinating
  • Find the motivation to get work done 
  • Be more proactive and productive


This is a nighttime guided imagery meditation.  Listen to this session at night as you go to sleep. 

Stop putting things off and start motivating yourself to get all your work, tasks, and obligations DONE right away. Be Proactive, Be Productive, Get Your Work Done