Release Anger

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Release Anger

Control yourself and your emotions with guided imagery

Are you tired of being angry?  Tired reacting and lashing out? Want a way to control yourself and your emotions?

Everybody experiences feelings of anger every now and then.  Some people are able to easily cool off their hot tempers, while others allow their anger to spiral out of control.  Suddenly, it seems as though they are easily triggered and burst into rage, frustration, and resentment.

No matter the situation, excessive anger keeps people stuck. Instead of thinking of ways forward, their anger takes control of their thoughts, their actions, their reactions.

But you can learn to collect yourself and regain control of yourself and your emotions!

Stop Anger Before It Controls YOU!

Release Anger is a guided imagery meditation that trains your mind to recognize and release feelings of anger, frustration, and rage.  With the power of your deep mind, 

  • Release anger and frustration
  • Cool off the hot temper
  • Control yourself and your emotions
  • Ease your mind and think clearly


  • This is a nighttime session. 
  • Listen at night before you go to bed. 

Wake up in the morning in a clear frame of mind, in control of yourself, your emotions, your actions, and your reactions!