Clear Your Mind - Guided Imagery

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Better Focus & Concentration

Clear Away Distractions With Guided Imagery

Always getting distracted? Want to clear your mind? Need to stay focused and concentrate on your job, task, or assignment?  

Distractions are everywhere. Common distractions, including the internet, social media, stress, co-workers, even one's own inner thoughts can get in the way of your productivity and success.  

Clear your mind and boost your focus with this guided imagery meditation.

Improve Your Focus & Attention While You Sleep!

Clear Away Distractions is a guided meditation for better focus and concentration.  This guided imagery meditation begins by clearing away the noise and distractions and then reshifts your focus on what really matters to you.

Powerful hypnotic effects are embedded in the meditation, allowing you to transcend and go into trance quicker.

  • Clear the mind chatter and distractions
  • Focus your attention
  • Get your work done quickly and efficiently
  • Feel engaged in what you are doing


This is a nighttime guided imagery meditation.  Listen to this session at bedtime as you go to sleep at night.

Clear your mind and improve your focus and concentration now!