Calm Ocean

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Relax By The Ocean

Take A Mid-Day Vacation To The Beach

Feeling overwhelmed?  Need a midday break?  

Take a mental vacation and relax to this ALPHA wave binaural beat session. Feel refreshed, reenergized, and rejuvenated in only 10 minutes. 

ALPHA Binaural Beats & Ocean

Relax and unwind with a special blend of 10 Hz ALPHA Binaural Beats and a soothing ambient soundtrack and relaxing beach and ocean sounds.

10 Hz ALPHA waves are best for relaxation, centering, healing, and creating a mind/body connection.

  • Relax the mind and body
  • Find peace and calm
  • Increase concentration, clarity of thinking, decision making, memory
  • Stimulate imagination, intuition and higher awareness


Listen to this session when you need to take a midday break, during naps, or rest time.

Headphones are required. 

Technical Details

  • 10 Minute Relaxing Ambience
  • 10 HZ ALPHA Binaural Beats
  • Ocean Soundscape

Slip on a pair of headphones and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul now!