Beauty Sleep

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Anti-Aging Brainwave Entrainment

Reverse Aging While You Sleep!

Is stress aging you?  Do you feel older than you are?  Want a natural way to look and feel younger?

Cortisol is a natural hormone that helps the body deal with stress. In small amounts, cortisol serves as a great short term coping mechanism.

Excess cortisol, however, can turn into an enemy of the mind and body. People who are prone to high stress over long durations will sustain high levels of cortisol, which can negatively affect them. Cortisol has the power to accelerate the aging process of the skin, rapidly enhancing common unwanted aging signs like lines and wrinkles, age spots, and skin dullness.

With restorative sleep, you can begin to drain the excess cortisol and begin to reverse the signs of aging!

Look Younger Over!

Beauty Sleep was designed to send you into a deep restorative sleep.  This deep level of sleep allows your body to rest and repair as you flush away excess cortisol stress hormones.  

Wake up with your body, mind, and spirit well rested and restored.

  • Natural Anti Aging
  • Reduce excess cortisol
  • Increase levels of DHEA and Melatonin
  • Repair and  heal your body
  • Wake up with your body, mind, and spirit well rested and restored.


This is a nighttime session.  Listen to this brainwave entrainment session at bedtime as you go to sleep.  Headphones are not required.

For best practices, listen to this session for 30 days, making sure to get 6 -8 hours of sleep each night.

Technical Details

  • 4 Hour Session
  • 3.5 Hz high DELTA / low THETA Isochronic tones
  • Pink noise
  • Gentle Beach Sound Ambience

Listen now and start reverse signs of aging naturally with this powerful brainwave entrainment session!