26 Weeks Online Coaching Program

Long term goals. Long-term mentoring. Long-term results.

*Acceptance into the program is based on approval. For well-established clients only.

When you have a bigger dream, you might need a longer game plan.  This 3-month online coaching package includes over 22 power coaching sessions. conducted weekly.

This package includes all of the above (see 1 Month Package), and unlimited email support.

This session is perfect when you are:

  • Wanting a program designed for you and your goal.
  • Need extra guidance and mentorship for your program
  • Wanting extra communication with your coach.
  • Needing extra help setting and achieving your goals.
  • Beginning a big project
  • Wanting to manifest a big dream.
  • Seeking motivation to keep going and reach your goals.
  • Needing extra support to move through challenges and obstacles.
  • Need more time to express your ideas or explain the problem.

About this 26 Week Online Coaching Program

This 6-month coaching program is similar to the 4-week coaching program, only your big vision and goal is broken down into 6 mini-goals over the course of 6 months.

  • Month 1 – Mini Goal #1
  • Month 2 – Mini Goal #2
  • Month 3 – Mini Goal #3
  • Month 4 – Mini Goal #4
  • Month 5 – Mini Goal #5
  • Month 6 – Mini Goal #6

Every 4 weeks, an action plan is created to help you tackle a mini goal.

  • Week 1 – Setting your SMART goal and creating a detailed action plan.
  • Week 2 – Determine any setbacks, overcome around roadblocks.
  • Week 3 – Review progress, measure results, and make changes if needed.
  • Week 4 – Record the outcome and create a maintenance plan, or a new action plan to continue onward.

What You Get With a 26 Week Online Coaching Package

  • A 26 week coaching program based on your goals and intentions.
  • 22-24 power coaching sessions conducted weekly
  • 3 live phone sessions for hypnotherapy or intuitive coaching
  • Special access to the Envision Success Online Coaching Portal.
  • Weekly activities and exercises to move you forward.
  • An online journal to record your progress.
  • A 24-7 communication stream for questions and feedback.
  • Unlimited emails.
  • Priority scheduling.  Schedule your own appointments online.
  • Access to stats and data to measure progress.
  • 40% discounts on extra custom downloads (Sound healing, Positive Affirmations, MeditationSelf Hypnosis)
  • Bonus: Includes complementary (pre-recorded) meditation sessions that support your program
  • Bonus: Includes complementary Positive Affirmation Download (a $750 value)
  • Bonus: Includes a complementary Self-Hypnosis Session (a $1550 value)

The Benefits of Online Coaching

  • VIP Access to the Envision Success Coaching Portal
  • One-on-one mentoring for 30 days
  • Weekly Power Coaching Sessions
  • A private communication stream available 24-7.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is online coaching?

When you purchase online coaching, a program is designed around your intentions and goals.  Each week, there is a new objective to move you forward in the right direction to accomplishing your goal.

What is the difference between online coaching and text coaching?

With text coaching, you are receive one coaching sessions.  An action plan to help you move forward is designed for you, but afterwards you have the option to implement this action plan on your own or purchase additional coaching.

With online coaching, you receive a one month program.  With online coaching, you get weekly one-on-one text coaching sessions, weekly homework assignments,  as well as exclusive access to your very own online coaching portal with 24-7 communication stream for questions and feedback.

Should I get text coaching session or an online coaching package?

Text coaching sessions are ideal for independent clients who are disciplined to follow a program.

Online coaching is best for clients who may have a hard time sticking to a program and need extra guidance/mentoring to do the work and reach their goals.

Why online/text coaching?

Coaching online via text chat or email is designed to work within your schedule at your own pace.  Online coaching is comfortable, discreet, flexible, and convenient.  The anonymous nature of online, text and email coaching gives you the opportunity to focus only your vision, your goals, and your success.

Most importantly, there is a special kind of therapeutic magic in writing things down.  Writing is a way to tap into your deep mind.  When we write, we tap into the deepest part of ourselves, tapping into deep into our heart, deep into our mind, and expressing ourselves in a way that we don’t do when we speak.

What is the Envision Success coaching portal?

With text chat coaching, all appointments are conducted via text chat (Messenger, Google Hangouts, etc).

Envision Success Online Coaching Portal gives you a better coaching experience.  The Envision Success Online Coaching Portal provides you with a 24-7 communication stream with your coach. You can contact me outside our appointment times with questions, feedback, and assignment accountability.  You also have access to all your coaching materials, worksheets, and data all in 1 convenient place!

Do you offer a payment plan on this package?

I provide two convenient payment options

  • Option 1: Three payments of $3,250 due by the 1st, 6th, and 12th week of your program.
  • Option 2: One payment of $7,750 (20% discount when paid in full).

I have a question about this package

Contact me with your questions.

How do I start?  

Fill out the request 26 Week Online Coaching Session form below.  I will review your application and if your needs fall within my scope of practice, I will email you with a new client packet and contact you with available appointment times.

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