60-Minute Coaching Session

Keep moving forward, even if it takes extra time.

Dig deep and find solutions.  This 60-Minute coaching session gives you more time to tackle the challenges and obstacles in the way of you and your success.

Best for established clients who need extra attention, this longer coaching session gives you more time for problem-solving, engaging thought exercises, and meaningful activities.

This session is perfect when you are:

  • Needing extra help setting and achieving your goals.
  • Beginning a big project
  • Wanting to manifest a big dream.
  • Seeking motivation to reach your goals.
  • Needing support to move through a challenge.
  • Need more time to express your ideas or explain the problem.
  • Need extra more to work through a block, challenge, or obstacle.
  • Finding solutions to move you towards success.

About the 60-Minute Coaching Session

This longer session is conducted via text chat such as Google Hangouts and is exclusively for established and former clients:

  • Get a clear snapshot of where you are now.
  • Get a deeper understanding of your goal and where you want to be.
  • Measure your progress, assess any setbacks.
  • Uncover the fears and obstacles that hold you back.
  • Brainstorm ideas and solutions to move you forward.
  • Do meaningful activities, engaging exercises, and problem-solving strategies
  • Formulate a plan you can put into action right away.

You will receive a complete report of our session along with a customized action plan to move you through the challenges and propel you to success!

What You Get With A 60-Minute Coaching Session

  • An engaging 60-minute text coaching session.
  • Questions, activities, and exercise to challenge and motivate you
  • Activities and problem-solving strategies to help you get through obstacles in your way.
  • A complete report summary with valuable takeaways of your session.
  • A customized action plan you can download and save.

If you wish, you can use this action plan on your own or purchase additional coaching sessions for extra motivation and support.  It’s all up to you and what you feel your needs are!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why online/text coaching?

Coaching online via text chat or email is designed to work within your schedule at your own pace.  Online coaching is comfortable, discreet, flexible, and convenient.  The anonymous nature of online, text and email coaching gives you the opportunity to focus only your vision, your goals, and your success.

Most importantly, there is a special kind of therapeutic magic in writing things down.  Writing is a way to tap into your deep mind.  When we write, we tap into the deepest part of ourselves, tapping into deep into our heart, deep into our mind, and expressing ourselves in a way that we don’t do when we speak.

I have a question about this package

Contact me with your questions.

How do I start?  

Fill out the request a 60-Minute Coaching Session form below.  I will review your application and if your needs fall within my scope of practice, I will email you with a new client packet and contact you with available appointment times.

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