Lose Weight and Feel Great – Nightly Self-Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Need help reaching your weight loss goals? Hypnosis can help!  Reprogram your mind with healthy habits that lead to weight loss.

Tap into the power of your imagination and increase your energy.  Feel energized and full of life!  Crave healthful foods that nourish and fuel your body.  Start to move more and ignite your metabolism.

About this self-hypnosis session

This session will guide into a gentle and comfortable trance.  In this state of calm relaxation, the door to your mind opens, allowing and accepting new ideas that lead to natural weight loss and a healthier, fitter and more energized version of you!

Clear away any negativity and reprogram your mind with positive suggestions for healthy eating and more energy.


  • Listen at night at bedtime
  • Think of the healthy lifestyle you would like to have before you listen to this session
  • Relax and let go of all expectations as you listen to this session
  • Headphones not required