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When people ask me this, I assume they are referring to a fear that they might get stuck in a hypnotic trance.

Rest assured, it is impossible to “get stuck” in a hypnotic trance.

We move in and out of different mental states throughout the day.  We sleep, then we wake.  We focus, then we daydream.  Hypnosis is a mental state, like sleeping, daydreaming, focusing, etc.

Hypnosis gets you unstuck.

If anything, hypnosis can help you get ‘unstuck’.  All too often, people ‘get stuck’ in a way of thinking which leads them to the problems they face.  They ‘get stuck’ in old beliefs that lead to low self-confidence, low-self esteem, etc.

When you go into a hypnotic trance, you open your mind and to pull out old beliefs that kept you from moving forward and then plant new ideas and positive suggestions to propel you forward towards your dreams and goals.