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September 10, 2018

How To Write Your Own Affirmations

Instructions on how to use the Positive Affirmations Tool:

Step #1 – Think of your goal

First, think of a goal you want to accomplish or something you want to change.  Do your best to make your goal SMART (Specific, Measurable, Realistic, and Time based).

Also, think of a goal you can accomplish in a relatively short time, perhaps in a few months or a few weeks.  If you have a long term goal in mind, think about how you can break that big goal into smaller goals, and then tackle the smaller goals one at a time.

Step #2 – Write down any negativities, fears, or obstacles

Next, think of an obstacle, challenge, or negative thought that gets in the way.  Be honest with how you are feeling.  The only way you will change your mindset is if you actively seek out the negativity that holds you back

Write down the obstacles, challenges, and negative thoughts that get in the way of you and you 

Step #3 -Provide each negative point a rational response

Now, think of an explanation or a rational response to the negative thought.  Imagine the negative thoughts are the temper-tantrums of a toddler.  How would you respond in a positive way?

Word the response in a positive way and avoid using the words ‘no’ or ‘not’ in your rational response.  

Step #4 – Create your affirmations

Now think of a positive affirmation that you can repeat over and over to override and eliminate the negative thought. Keep the affirmations short so they are easy to remember.  Also, word your affirmation in a positive way and avoid the words ‘no’ and ‘not’.

Step #5 – Print out your affirmations and repeat often

When you are finished with this worksheet, you can print out the last page with your Smart Goal and your affirmations already filled in.

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