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August 2, 2016

Guided Imagery – The Power to Heal, Transform and Relax

What is Guided Imagery?

Guided imagery (also known as visualization) puts you in the situation you want to be in and allows you to imagine the best possible outcome. Your mind learns from the experience as if it actually occurred, which makes guided imagery so powerful.

Using your imagination is the key to manifesting your dreams.  It opens up a new channel in your mind where anything is possible.

Every time you use your imagination, you are practicing guided imagery.   Other ways to practice visualization include:

  • Simple visualization
  • storytelling
  • fantasy exploration
  • game playing
  • dream interpretation

The Benefits Of Guided Imagery

Using your imagination bring about a deep and focused state of mind and body most conducive to healing, growing, and developing.

There are countless number of research studies showing the benefits of guided imagery on our health, performance, and mind-body wellbeing.

Guided Imagery is successful for:

  • Promoting relaxation
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing problems related to stress
  • Reaching  personal goals such (weight loss, pain management, stress relief)
  • Preparing for an event such as athletic performances or public speaking
  • Learning, creativity, and performance

Guided imagery can help you feel more in control of your emotions and thought processes which may improve your attitudes, health, and sense of wellbeing.

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