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June 10, 2015

Enter The World Of Guided Imagery

Imagine for a moment that it is a hot summer day. You are walking down an old dirt trail through a wide open meadow. Look above you, you notice the deep blue sky is vast and infinite.

As you walk, you listen and can hear your footsteps as you walk…and the sound your feet make as they touch the ground, like a crunching sound.

The weather is hot, and the sun above you feels intense. So you look around the meadow, looking for cool shade to rest under. A few feet away, you see the perfect resting spot, a giant oak tree casting a cool shadow on to the ground.

As you walk into the shadow, you feel the temperature around you cool to a comfortable level. This a wonderful place to rest your tired head and feet.

Use your imagination.  Walk to the tree and touch the trunk. Feel the rough bark on your fingertips. Lean in and can smell the woodsy smell of the bark.

As you sit down, leaning your back against the trunk, you look out over the beautiful meadow. You close your eyes, and begin to feel waves of relaxation entering your mind and body. Your breathing begins to slow as feelings of peace and calm overtakes you.

As you read the passage above, could you imagine yourself walking through the meadow? Could you see the sky? Hear the ground at your feet? Smell the woodsy scent from the oak tree? Feel the rough tree trunk of the oak tree along your back?

Enter The World Of Your Imagination

Use the unlimited power and potential of your own imagination for positive change.

Guided imagery is a gentle and powerful method that uses the unlimited potential of your imagination for healing and wellbeing.

Children are naturally gifted at using their imagination. Unfortunately, as they grow, they are discouraged from using our imagination and are told to stop daydreaming and get back to work.

The truth is, we never stop using our imagination….we just change how we use it.

There are some people who can imagine the best possible outcome in a situation and then make it their reality.  At the same time, there are other people who only imagine the worst possible outcome in a situation and then make it their reality.

Imagination is a powerful tool for self improvement, self growth, and healing. Are you using your imagination correctly?

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