#Code of Ethics

This “Code of Ethics” is a set of values upon which I build my
professional work.

1. I regard as my primary obligation the welfare of my client, whether individual or group.
2. I will comply with the requirements of the law in the jurisdiction where I practice, including requirements with regard to dealings with clients in relation to race, religion, age, and gender status.
3. I will offer services only within my scope of practice and boundaries of competence and the recognized knowledge and competencies of the profession of hypnotherapy.
4. I will not claim to diagnose, prescribe treatment for, or treat any mental or physical illness unless I possess qualifications additional to hypnotherapy certification, which legally entitle me to do so in the jurisdiction where I practice.
5. I will not use any licensed or restricted title to which I am not legally entitled in the jurisdiction where I practice.
6. I will advise a client whose requirements are outside my boundaries of competence to seek an appropriate alternative service.
7. I will advise any client presenting symptoms of physical illness, including pain, to seek the advice of a medical practitioner if this has not already been obtained.
8. I will not guarantee cures for any condition or make misleading claims or statements as to the outcome of the services I offer.
9. I will make clear to the client, prior to the provision of services, the terms, conditions, and charges for my services.
10. I will maintain the confidentiality of information obtained during the course of providing my services, within the legal limits of reporting requirements in the jurisdiction where I practice.
11. I will disclose any such limits of confidentiality to my clients prior to providing services. I will ensure that the client’s anonymity and privacy is safeguarded in the publication of any clinical material.
12. I will obtain the written consent of a parent or guardian before providing services to a minor.
13. I will not engage in intimate social contact with a client until a period of at least two years from the final session with that client.
14. I will avoid practicing hypnotherapy services on family members and close friends.
15. I accept responsibility to help protect the community against the unethical practice by any individuals engaged in providing hypnotherapy services e.g. by reporting professional misconduct to the proper bodies or authorities.
16. I treat with respect the findings, views, and actions of professional colleagues and use appropriate channels to express my opinions on these matters.
17. I will conduct myself in a manner consistent with upholding the good reputation of the profession of hypnotherapy.
18. I will distinguish clearly in public between my statements and actions as an individual and as a representative of an organization.