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May 17, 2016

7 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Life

Still not convinced that you should meditate? Here are 7 ways meditation can improve your life.

It Clears Your Mind.

Do you sometimes experience mental fog?  Confused, unable to think clearly?  Meditation clears your mind making it easier to think, focus, and concentrate.

It Rejuvenates You

So, maybe you don’t get the 8 hours of sleep that you should be getting.  And maybe you’re feeling tired and drained.  Meditation helps drain away fatigue and lets you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Speaking of sleep…Meditation can help you get a full night of Zzzzs

If you are finding yourself tossing and turning at night, meditation has been shown to get you to sleep and to improve the quality of your sleep.

It Boosts Your Creativity

It’s no surprise that meditation boosts your creativity.  After all, creativity comes from within.  It is an intuitive art.  And the best way to channel that art is to go within and connect with the deep parts of your mind.

Decrease stress and anxiety

Meditation teaches you to become aware stressful situations, without letting the situation it affect you emotionally.  Training your mind to focus on the here and now…instead of worrying about the future or dwelling on the past is helpful when you are going through a rough time.

Be happy for no reason

Those who meditate tend to feel happy.  That’s  because meditation helps ‘rewire’ your brain for happiness, peace, and calm.

Meditation reshapes your brain.

Meditation reshapes your brain and improve your life.  In this video, neuroscientist Sara Lazar’s amazing brain scans show meditation can actually change the size of key regions of our brain, improving our memory and making us more empathetic, compassionate, and resilient under stress.

Develop a deeper connection with yourself.

Looking to find answers in your life?  Meditation and hypnosis establishes a deeper connection with yourself and your intuition.

Develop a deeper connection with your spirituality.


Meditation gives you a way to open a channel to the spiritual part of your nature.  No matter what religion you may or may not affiliate with, meditation allows you to connect with the spiritual aspect of your self.

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