Today I will be sharing some 12 exam preparation tips you can use to take the pressure off and feel more confident to ace your exams:

Exam Prep Tip #1: Clear Your Mind

Before you begin studying your exams, clear your mind of stress, negativities, or worries.  Stress makes it harder to think clearly and to feel confident.

Do stress reduction exercises to clear your mind to get in a better frame of mind.

Exam Prep Tip #2: Have Positive Expectations

Students tend to have a ‘learned’ attitude of failure.  Sometimes these students expect to do poorly on exams.

However, the subconscious will deliver what you expect.  If you expect something to be difficult, hard, impossible your subconscious will make it so.  If you expect to do poorly or fail an exam, your subconscious will find a way to fail.

Expect to Succeed

Shift your frame of mind and begin setting an intention to succeed.  Positive affirmations, self-hypnosis, and guided visualization retrain your thinking.

When you surround yourself with positive imagery, your subconscious will begin to focus on success!

Exam Prep Tip #3:  Create a Study Plan To Prepare For Exams

Now that you have the positive frame of mind to succeed, it’s now time to create a study plan to prepare for your exams.

Begin to manage your time and properly structure your time to study for your classes.  Make a study schedule that fits your way of studying.  You may wish to write out your schedule on a calendar or personal journal.

Exam Prep Tip #4: Organize Your Class Materials

Spend some time (not a lot of time) to organize and order all of your class materials. Organize your syllabus, notes, handouts, old quizzes, exams, and review guides.  Order your notebook in the order of your class.

Once you’ve organized your notes, you’ll have a guide you can use to study for your exam.

Exam Prep Tip #5: Study Using Different Learning Channels

exam prep tips - prepare for your exams

Learn on a deeper level by taking advantage of the different learning channels available to you.  We can learn by watching, listening, reading/writing, and by doing.

Learn by watching:

  • Watch videos
  • Use pictures/illustrations.
  • Use flowcharts and diagrams

Learn by Reading/Writing

  • Read your textbook
  • Take notes
  • rewrite your homework

Learn by doing

  • Incorporate body movements
  • stand while you study

Learn by Listening

  • Record yourself reading your notes and play it back.
  • Have discussions about the material.

Exam Prep Tip #6: Study With A Group

Schedule study sessions with friends and/or fellow students.  Your peers may be able to answer your questions.  Also, your peers may be able to explain concepts to you in a way you can better understand.

Exam Prep Tip #7: Visit Your Professor/Student Aid

Your professor might be able to give you greater insight into what to expect on the exam.  Also, your professor can answer your questions and give you greater clarity on important class concepts.

Exam Prep Tip #8: Social Media Fast

Avoid distracting websites and social media apps until finals week is over.  If you need to, download site blockers to blacklist distracting social media sights.

Exam Prep Tip #9: Take Care Of Yourself

Remember to take care of yourself as you study.  Fuel your body, mind, and soul with proper nutrition and rest.  You may have to schedule in breaks and rest time.

Exam Prep Tip #10 – Listen to Brainwave Entrainment Before Your Exam

Listen to BETA-GAMMA brainwave entrainment before you take your exam.  BETA-GAMMA waves will give you a cognitive boost and mental clarity, allowing you to focus as you take your exam.

Exam Prep Tip #11: Put Your Plan To Action!

Now that you’ve put a plan together, it’s time to put your plan to action!  Get started and start studying now.

Exam Prep Tip #12: Lean On Your Support System

Turn to close friends, family, or fellow students for support.  Remember to also to provide your own support system by being patient, understanding, and kind to yourself.